The GirlyGoGarter® holds your insulin pump!

Thigh garter holds insulin pump

I recently had the opportunity to try out a very cool new product called the GirlyGoGarter®. It's a sexy, comfortable and fashionable garter with pockets that enables you to carry all sorts of items discreetly against your upper thigh.

There are two different styles of pockets, one to keep important items like a cell phone extra-secure and the other an easy-access pocket for a lip gloss or glucose stick.

The GirlyGoGarter® caught my interest not only because it enables me to go out purse-less once in a while, but also because it serves as a secure holder for my insulin pump and some extra supplies.

Needless to say, the GirlyGoGarter® is great for people with diabetes.

This past week I put it through a series of rigorous tests that included a night of dancing and cocktails, a jog by the lake and a typical day at the office. I'm happy to say that the GirlyGoGarter® surpassed my expectations.

It stayed securely in place, and so did my insulin pump and all my other belongings. Even when my skin began to get sweaty from exercise the GirlyGoGarter® never budged.

The inside is lined with GentleFlex™ Grippers that keep it securely against your skin, and the size-adjusting Velcro straps are very soft.

With just over 16 years of type 1 diabetes under my belt, I consider myself a connoisseur when it comes to diabetes apparel. I've tried it all – waistbands, thigh bands, arm bands – every band you can think of! And for me this one sits at the top of my list of must-haves.

From what I've experienced, most of the products currently sold for the purpose of holding an insulin pump are nowhere near as classy, comfortable and attractive as this one. Plus, the GirlyGoGarter® can hold a plethora of other things such as spare infusion sets, cash, your ID, lip gloss or a smartphone. The list is endless.

You have your choice of black, nude, wedding blue, hot pink and red. And you can even personalize your GirlyGoGarter®.

It retails for $39.00, and I highly recommend it to not only all female type 1's but to all women in general.

- Alyssa Tangerine